M&D stands for Master and Drudge.

In this collab, Humans are a "Drudge" or eternal slave/servant (whatever you want to call it.) To either a Vampire OR a Werewolf. A drudge and their Master can "get together" (If ya know what I mean. ;D) But, they do not HAVE to. A drudge CANNOT have two master's. And, a Master CANNOT have two drudges.

This page was created so people can see and note the the Master and Drudge's who are taken. Please remember that your Vampire/Werewolf MUST have a drudge even if you or your Character do not like it!! ( I hope that you do like it) Also, your Drudge CANNOT be made by yourself. This is so you can have fun with each others characters. Yep yep. If you have questions, please pm Shadow Leafeon.

The Master's name will be on the Left and the Drudge's on the Right.








Second of all

In order for Master and Drudge to stay as that they have to from a contract. This binds the Drudge's Soul into eternal servitude to their Master. (ooooo)

The contract Must contain:

-The Drudge's full loyalty to their Master

-The Drudge's ans Master's understanding that once signed the contract will not allow them to ever part from each other. (heheh)

-The Drudge Loosing their soul and being granted eternal life. The Drudge is not immortal like a Vampire/Werewolf. They will not age but,once killed they are dead forever.(aw)

-The Master must note that they cannot ever make a contract more than once. Even if their Drudge dies. (hohum)

Third of all

Master powers Your Vampire and Werewolf can choose Two Special Abilities from the list below I'll see if I can add more later ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Probably their most useful weapon, vampires and Werewolfs can plant suggestions into anyone meeting their hypnotic gaze. The strength of the suggestions depend on the difference between the vampire/werewolfs will and that of the victim's. Using this power, vampires/Werewolfs can also force victims to forget about the attack.

Damage Resistance

Vampires/Werewolfs are extremely resistant to physical damage. Conventional weapons like blades and guns cannot damage their physical form.So Basically Human weapons cannot really hurt them.


Even if a vampire/Werewolf is wounded, their rate of healing is very fast. Werewolf wounds will heal with one night of rest. Vampires can heal all its wounds by draining all the fresh blood from their victim.(yumm)

Animal Control

Vampire/Werewolfs can control the minds of anything. The victim will obey every command of their newfound master's, even if it brings death.

Shape Shifting

ONLY Vampires can shape-shift into the shape of any living thing. (Werewolves already turn into wolfs)

Wall Climbing

Vampire/Werewolfs can climb walls without the aid of any equipment. They can climb up or down the steepest walls enabling them to seek refuge in places where no mere mortal can reach.

Magical Abilities

Vampire have limited control over the weather. They could raise a fog or summon a storm to cover their tracks. Older vampires may have other magical powers such as necromancy or alchemy. Werewolfs are able to control the earth cover their tracks in the forest or in plain sight. Older Werewolfs have the ability to turn invisible in case they need to flee or hide. Blood Reader

When Vampires, drink or taste the blood of a victim you relieve recent memories of the victim. A power up version would allow the vampire to search through old memories.

Wood Augmenting

The werewolf can change the strength of wood i.e. make strong as metal or making a oak flexible. A powered up version would allow them to change the shape of the wood however the power can't grow the wood. Anybody.


Doesn't seem powerful but sound is made up of vibrations.Both Vampires and Werewolves can use the said vibrations with strings you got a metal cord that can tear through flesh or a strike that can scrabble the insides of a body.

Thank you to Black Adder and Cassiopia for helping with this information :D