This is a page for the Rules of Applying. If you do not choose to follow these rules then you will NOT be accepted.


Send a character to Shadow Leafeon . I will read over the character and make sure that they check up the selected guidelines. DO THIS EACH TIME YOU MAKE A CHARACTER!


You must include a picture and bio in the PM. Proceed to not do so and you will not be accepted and your PM will be ignored.


You CANNOT I repeat CANNOT include anything about Twilight. If I find something about your character being the cousin to Jacob or even having anything relate to the damn book then I will seriously never ever talk to you again.

Okay? Stupid Twilight geeks.


Here is what you should send me. ^^

A picture of the character of course. Try to make it full body and add as many details as you can.



Species: Vampire, Werewolf, or Human. (NO Hybrids, or half human, half vampire, half Werewolf. One, it doesn't sense and two, it's stupid. Have this in your PM and die!)

Put here if they have a drudge or master yet and who it is if they do.


Orientation (gay,bi,straight)

Personality: (Don't make a pretty, cutsy girl and totally vicious demon. WTF it doesn't make sense! This applies for the picture! Make the personality and looks match at least.)

History: (Okay make this actually make sense. Don't make up that your character is the Queen of Unicorn Land and stuff. For one that's not even funny and two, it doesn't make sense. Vampires and Werewolves can be a little and I repeat A LITTLE weird but humans cannot. It'll be off and just stupid.

Likes & Dislikes: (This is fine to go ALL OUT MAN!)

Thanks for reading!